la storia
The "Selezioni"

The selections,
Treasures of taste

"Le Selezioni" is the prestigious line of Traerte: carefully selected grapes and a long aging of years, to give these wines superior and inimitable characteristics. True icons of taste, to best represent the characteristics of the Irpinian territory. Sit back, close your eyes and savor every sip ... let yourself be carried away among the vineyards of this magnificent land.


Aipierti Fiano di Avellino Docg


Aipierti: dialectal toponym of Vadiaperti, the most representative part of the Montefredane territory which has always given the best grapes with which to make an elegant and characteristic wine at the same time

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Tornante Greco di Tufo Docg


Tornante (hairpin bend): many hairpin bends to get to the vineyards! The bottle and the label recall those of the 90s, to "go back" (in italian, tornare) to that era and its characters. Absorb the past with today's awareness

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Torama Coda di Volpe


Torama: dialectal expression to indicate a “particularly draining” soil made up of sandstones and molasse that push the roots of the vines to go deep in search of water.

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